Erin the raven

I've started this digital illustration last month, using Sketchbook on my galaxy note 3 neo. But I wasn't sure about the story to tell. I've need more time to understand how to transform the so particular beauty of Erin O'Connor in a raven. Passing to PC, I've continued the sketch using a Photoshop brush, very thin and light, making the Shadow, trying to express the intense expression of her gaze and her so strong profile. The raven is instead a photo manipulation.  I've found a picture, I've cut it, changed, sketched with brush and digital pencil  and changed again, since it was completely perfect with Erin.
This is the result. A Dark Beauty, maybe strange, surely wonderful!
For the complete story about Erin O'Connor and the raven in fashion as a trend, please as usual look on my blogger

LEITMOTIV N° 8: The Raven

"Erin the Raven " digital illustration by Elisa Gibaldi